[7.1.2] [MSM8974] [NXTeam] LineageOS 14.1 UNOFFICIAL For Samsung MSM8974 2017.08.24

LineageOS 14.1 For Samsung MSM8974 Devices.

# Notice #
Responsibility after installing this Kernel is not my responsibility.
I don't want unauthorized distribution.
If you write post other site , You must using the Blog Post Link.

# System Info #

Android 7.1.2 Nougat
LineageOS 14.1 Unofficial Build

# Support Device #
Galaxy Note 3 (N900S / N900K)
Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506 / E330S / E330K)
Galaxy S4 Active (E470S)

# How to Install #
1. Download the ROM.
2. Reboot Recovery.
3. Wipe Data and Cache.
4. Install ROM.
5. Rebooting Device.

In the past, if you used Cyanogenmod 14.1 or kyasu build rom, you must reset.

# ChangeLog #
First Release

Update Source
*CM-14.1 (Android 7.1.1)
Update Device Source
Update Kernel
* Merge G900FXXS1CPJ1 kernel source.
* Upstream Linux 3.4.73
Update Ramdisk
Fix Mobile Data (LTE / 3G)
* After force stop bug at boot, check close app and wait few seconds.
* then, network is work.
Add Samsung Doze
Remove Gello
Fix Video Recording
Fix MMS From Data OFF

Update Source
* Rebranding to LineageOS
Update Kernel
* See github Kernel Commit.
Add ks01ltexx Devices
Fix LiveDisplay
Fix Brightness Control
Fix android.phone.com Force Stop Bug.
# More ChangeLog can be found Github Device Source.

Update Source
Update Kernel
* gugu0das Kernel Release-1
Change Codename
* ks01lteskt changed to ks01ltekor.
Add ks01lteeur
Fix LED Alert
Change Menu Key to Recent Key
* Disable Recent key when long press on Home button.

2017.06.06 / 2017.06.07
Update Source.
* Update Android 7.1.2
Update Kernel.
* gugu0das Kernel Release-4
* For details, Refer to the gugu0das Kernel Post.
Revert Remap Menu Key to Recents Key.
* Only Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelteskt).
Add FlipFlap.
Optimize Source.
* See github Kernel Commit.

Update Source.
Update Kernel.
* gugu0das Kernel Release-5-OC
* Add gugu0das Kernel Setting Files.
* For details, Refer to the gugu0das Kernel Post.
* If you want No-Overclock Kernel, You need to download it separately from the link below.
* Fix auto time zone.
Enable bluetooth WBS.
Remove Tethering Tweak.
WIFI Hotspot / Tethering

# Not Working #

# ScreenShot #
Cyanogenmod / LineageOS 14.1

# Download #
/* Cyanogenmod 14.1 */
-Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (E470S)
*Link Deleted.

-Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506 / E330S / E330K)
*Link Deleted.

/* LineageOS 14.1 */
-Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (E470S)

-Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A (E330S / E330K)

-Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506)

-Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N900S / N900K)


/* GoogleApps */
OpenGapps : http://opengapps.org/

/* Open Source */
- Samsung MSM8974 Device Source
- Samsung MSM8974 Kernel Source
GitHub : https://github.com/gugu0das/android_kernel_samsung_msm8974

# Thanks to #
gugu0das kyasu sktjdgns1189 CastagnalT dwander Serenity Kitakami

# Donation #
Donation For Developers!


brian lee said…
When is the mobile data fix coming?
Yume said…
Do you have any plan to support the SHV-E330L (LGU+ variant) ?
Yume said…
Thank you for your effort to help to prolong this great device's life. :D
anônimo said…
Recents button not working :/
Sir developer, can you fix this rom for Ks01lte/I9506/E330L because it can't install apps APK's, can't record videos, can't display screen buttons, can't use mobile data...Thank you for supporting our smartphones.
Piotr Now said…
reupload please
Omar Kharrab said…
Is it possible to port this to the jactivelte with the Snapdragon 600 ?
Brendon Green said…
Thanks for you efforts in porting CM14 so quickly. I look forward to helping test it once the remaining issues are solved. To show my appreciation, I would love to enable you to buy a cup of coffee (or other item of similar value); is there a mechanism (e.g. Play Store) by which I can do this?
Alexey Volnov said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
how to fix syslink failed on s7E my phone is s4 active
William Velez said…
Please can you tell me how to download the rom, tell me the page that does not have access to the download. plz upload ROM cm 14 for Active
mayday said…
Is it obligatory to use pico gapps? Recently while installing one of the alternative ROMs I've used stock gapps. I really like stock gapps as it gives you nexus-stock-like experience and I don't have to install some of the apps I miss manually.
gugu0das said…
no problem. but I tested on pico gapps. so I recommended.
Alexey Volnov said…
Guys, what about CM14 for jactivelte. With Snapdragon 600
gugu0das said…
Sorry I don't know. jactivelteskt is snapdragon800 device.
Alexey Volnov said…
and no way to make a version for Snapdragon 600?
gugu0das said…
I don't have a way.
bu rom i9295 icin gecerlimi
bu rom i9295 icin gecerlimi
mayday said…
Any idea when those issues will be fixed?
# Not Working #
Brightness Control
Live Display

Gugu0das, could you please tell where is the changelog for basecode of your builds?
Also not working
1. USSD codes e.g. *123#
gugu0das said…
The bugs in the post are tested from my device. It may not be accurate.
my device source.

@Alhassan Abdulkadir
what is ussd codes? I'm not used ussd code.
mayday said…
@Alhassan Abdulkadir

for me USSD codes cause no problems. I've tried *575# (Play, PL) which checks some roaming stuff and it responds.
pppkadaf said…
cm-14.1-20161210-UNOFFICIAL-jactivelteskt.zip possible to install on the i9295?
gugu0das said…
jactivelteskt is snapdragon 800 device.
jactivelte can't install rom.
x x said…
Hey, when you can deal with the brightness? as soon as the wait for the update?
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for your work !

This rom is really working well (only the two mentioned items are not working).

Keep up this awsome work !
x x said…
version 2017.01.27
LineageOS 14.1 For Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active!
gives an error message
patching system image uncoditionally ...
E: unknown command [log]
E: unknown command [log]

please help
x x said…
icon appears after installation LineageOS 14.1 progruzhat it a little, and then vibrates and constantly reboots.
After five such reboots it off.
Maybe the problem is that I have not found a modified kernel 2017.01.08
gugu0das Kernel For Galaxy S5/Note3/LTE-A/Active!?

and how to install the kernel?
x x said…
install the kernel, it is still not working. After installing the latest updates, can not enter the system, continuously restarts and is not included. Could not help, I want to install the 14.1, I can send the video to the installation, you to see what is the reason.
Continuous restarts. Latest does not boot on jactivelteskt
Dima Min said…
I have the same problem. Ks01lte
Dima Min said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dima Min said…
Continuous restarts. Latest does not boot on. Ks01lte
Ansar Azis said…
Work fine on 330s. Thank. But how to root?
x x said…
Ansar Azis, how do you set?
gugu0das said…
@Dima Min @Alhassan Abdulkadir @xx
My devices is working well.
In the past, If you used CM14.1 or kyasu Build ROM , you must reset.
x x said…
Ansar Azis, how to lose? describe in detail the installation
Thanks for the good work. With latest update, I don't get repeated reboots and I can set up my jactivelteskt just fine.

However, I still cannot run USSD (MMI) codes in the phone dialer app. See attached photos for what happens.


Munawar Ahmad Waraich said…
Dear gugo0das since one month its written about LineageOs 14.1 for Note 3 that coming soon. Are you really developing nougat rom for note 3 or its just mistakenly written coming soon for note 3.
Anonymous said…
a noob question . . .can i install this ROM directly on rooted stock android 5.0.1 . . .or first i have to install any marshmallow android 6 ROM ? . .i have samsung s4 SHV-E330K device
Great work, but the "Torch" function does not work in "lineage-14.1-20170305-UNOFFICIAL-ks01ltekor"
aaron prasad said…
Thanks for the great work!

I am currently running "lineage-14.1-20170305-UNOFFICIAL-ks01ltekor"

Just one question, why does it say Charging Slowly?

Takes a long time to charge...

No Fast Charge capability?
@gugu0das Will you update lineageos anytime soon?
Likesoft said…
6월 7일롬 올렸는데요...
중요하지 않다면 별것 아닐 수 있겠으나...
Safety Net 테스트하면 CTS 프로파일 미스매치가 나옵니다...

Magisk으로 테스트했을때 CTS 프로파일 미스매치가 나와서
롬 + 오픈갭스 나노 + 세이프티 넷 테스터만 설치하고 테스트해봤는데 여전히 같습니다.

별거 아니라면 별거아니지만... 가끔 safety net 쓰는것들이 있으니까요...
혹시 해결해주실수 있을지요...

(커널쪽에 잘못 댓글을 달았는데 삭제/수정이 안되는것 같아서 그냥 둡니다. 죄송합니다ㅠㅠ)
Likesoft said…
그리고 리니지 14.1에서 "손전등"기능이 지원되지 않는 것 같습니다. 퀵패널의 '손전등'으로는 LED가 안켜지더라고요...

CM13/리니지13에서도 safety net 검증 통과가 안되고요...
tomasz1986 said…
재부팅에 문제가 있는 듯합니다. 다시 시작이나 리커버리 부팅을 해도 무조건 종료돼서 그냥 꺼집니다.

@Likesoft 손전등은 방금 확인했는데 잘 되네요... 액티브입니다.
Carlo said…
Hello, nood questing here, I Tried installing the lineage 14.1 on my E330k and running and S7 edge rom. and i cant install the said rom. should i wipe the data before installing? thank you so much. hope to get an answer soon. God speed!! :)
tomasz1986 said…
다시 보니까 재부팅이 안 되는 게 아니라 엄청 느립니다. 화면은 바로 꺼지는데 한참 뒤에야 다시 켜져서 재부팅됩니다.
Matteo said…
Need help. I cant install the package. Should i install first the lollipop firmware before installing this package? Im currently running the s7 edge darklord 6.0.1. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hello. Mobile Hotspot is not working? It gas Error when you open it.
gugu0das said…
Mobile Hotspot is I'm not checked it.
Sorry. I will try to fixed next update.

확실히 손전등 기능은 토글에서 상당히 불안정하게 작동하는 것은 저도 인지하고 있습니다.
그리고 safetynet은 당분간 수정이 없습니다.
피드백 감사합니다.
Giann Castillo said…
Thank you so much gugu0das. The rom's running awesome. Its just the hotspot has an error and the charging is a little bit slow? And it drains sometimes when im using it while charging. But nevertheless, it works great. :))) Thank you..
This is best rom ever to me but there is on thing :) im stuck on wcdma only i cant switch to LTE only, any solution for this issue? Thanks keep up the good work ✌
Ankit Sohani said…
Thanks For sharing this helpful and informative blog. I love the way that you describe the things. You are an incredible writer, Thank you so much for sharing the blog. Please keep sharing.
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Android App Development
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Poooooops said…
Hi. Kind of stuck in 3G. how can I use the 4G. even when the LTE mode is activated. Thank you. you did so great. :''')))))
Tobi Tonda said…
there's a bug in CM 14.1 the brightness slider is not working and when I flash the gapps and finish without error when i about to set-up my phone it always turning off and sometimes when i go to some apps it's turning off i dunno why.

so I refpash and didn't flash the Gapps and I'm stuck here in CM 14.1 without Gapps
Tobi Tonda said…
My phone is GT-I9506 E330S thanks waiting for the response. :)
Giann Castillo said…
How can I update? Thanks
Giann Castillo said…
I tried installing the update. Im using e330L. Keeps on rebooting and its stuck on the boot load. I also wipe the data.
Florin Birgian said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
FlorinRom said…
I am using note 3 n900s and installed lineage-14.1-20170824-UNOFFICIAL-hltekor.zip; the proximity sensor don't work and i had some random reboots.
FlorinRom said…
First I want to thank you for your great work. I'd like to ask if there is a stable version of lineage 14 for note 3 n900S, as lineage-14.1-20170824-UNOFFICIAL-hltekor.zip looses network when talking on the phone, random reboots, it reboots even during calls, proximity sensor don't work. Is variant lineage-14.1-20170607-UNOFFICIAL-hltekor.zip more stable? Thanks in advance.
Yonjie Moreno said…
thanks for this great build bro gugu0das., btw., do we have xpose framework that will be compatible with this rom., thanks
Yonjie Moreno said…
also set cpu apk is not working on this build. i badly need those apps.
Xpose Framework
E470s user here.
Đình Nguyễn said…
Hi gugu0das, is it still in developing? I tested and found that when i insert my sim and check with perator, it said "connection problem or invalid mmi code". Can you update to fix bug? Many thanks to you :(
Anonymous said…
s4액티브 사용자입니다.
우선, 개발해주심에 감사를 드립니다...
헌데, 리니지 14.1에 gapps만 올리면 핸드폰이 강제 종료되네요. twrp에서는 문제없이 플래싱됩니다만...
gapps를 플래싱 하지 않으면 정상사용이 가능합니다. 구글플레이 스토어 사용이 안되어서 아쉽네요.
James Fosten said…
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