[6.0.1] [AROMA] [PORT] [jactivelteskt/ks01lte] Galaxy S5 Marshmallow For Galaxy S4 Active / LTE-A 2016.07.02

Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Firmware For Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelteskt) / LTE-A (ks01lteskt, ks01ltektt, ks01lte / SHV-E330S, SHV-E330K, GT-I9506)

# Info & Notice #
Responsibility after installing this ROM is not my responsibility.
I don't want unauthorized distribution.
If you write post other site, You must using the Blog Post Link.

# System Info #
Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900S) 6.0.1 Firmware

# Support Device #
Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelteskt / SHV-E470S)
Galaxy S4 LTE-A (ks01lteskt, ks01ltektt, ks01lte / SHV-E330S, SHV-E330K, GT-I9506)

# ChangeLog #
20160221 (Only Dev)
First Release

20160326 (Only Dev)
Change Based ROM (G900S Official Firmware)
Deodex ROM
Fix Battery Bug
Fix Sound
Improving System Speed

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Fix Telephony
Fix Camera (But Not Using Samsung Camera APP)
Fix External/Internal Storage
Fix Reboot bug
Fix FC bugs
Update Kernel

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Fix Wifi
Update Kernel

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Fix Microphone
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A
Update Kernel

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Fix Sensor
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A
Update Kernel (Only ks01lte)

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Update Kernel
Support ROOT
Remove SamsungCamera3 (Using other Camera APP)
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A
Fix Touch

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Fix WIFI Reconnect
Update Kernel
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A
Fix Bluetooth Connect

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Fix Sensor
Add CSC (Optimized For Korea)

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Fix LockScreen
Remove CSC

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Add G900S CSC
Change RIL

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Update Kernel
Fix InCall
Edit CSC
Return RIL
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A
Fix Camera
Fix Call Voice

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Using AROMA Installer
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A
Change Kernel (DarkLord Kernel Marshmallow)
Fix Showing SD Card
Fix Haptic
Fix InCall
-Galaxy S4 Active
Fix Speaker Phone (jactivelteskt)

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Change Kernel (Return gugu0das Kernel)
Fix Camera Bugs (System Speed Down)
Fix InCall
Fix Phone FC
-Galaxy S4 Active
Fix Showing SD Card

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Update Kernel
Update RIL
Optimized Govorner
Fix Sound Alive Bug
Fix Vibration Feedback (Haptic)
Fix Screen Mirroring
Fix Private Mode
Support F2FS
Remove DMB
Remove NFC File

# Not Working #
*This ROM is optimized for gugu0das Kernel. 
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Stock SamsungCamera FC (Using Other Camera app)
Video Call
-Galaxy S4 Active
Speaker Phone Voice

# How to Install? #
-Galaxy S4 Active / Galaxy S4 LTE-A
1. Download ROM
2. Reboot Recovery
3. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
4. Install ROM
*If you want using F2FS,  reboot recovery and change data/cache partition
5. Reboot
6. Wait 20~25 Minutes (Booting)
-Recommend Option
7. Wait 5~10 Minutes (For Throttling Disable)

# ScreenShot #

Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Porting ROM

# Download Links # -Galaxy S4 Active / LTE-A ROM

GoogleDrive / MEGA

# Credit #
gugu0das (ROM  Developers)
darkera13 (Galaxy S4 LTE-A Kernel)
artas182x (Fix Telephony)
Karkass (Fix Some Bugs)
kyasu (Galaxy S4 LTE-A Kernel Source Reference)



Unknown said…
s4 LTE-A 커널까지 설치하고 재부팅 했는데 로고에서 부팅화면으로 안넘어 갑니다.
gugu0das said…
8일자는 정상적으로 부팅됩니다.
로고에서 LED켜진후 10초 후에 넘어갑니다.
Unknown said…
Kt ltea 전화가 안되네요..
발신 수신은 된다만 아무소리도안들립니다
상대방도 아무소리도안들리고요..
gugu0das said…
4월 안쪽으로 lte-a구매 예정입니다.
MDDP said…
Looking forward for those fixes once you get your S4 LTE... Thanks!!
MDDP said…
BTW, you should start a thread in XDA. A lot more crowd, and lots of feedback!!
Yume said…
Great work! Many thanks for your love for our aging S4!
The rom runs smoothly on my e330l (rom and kernel ver 4/12). However, I encounter the following bugs:
- The camera does not work. I've tried 3rd party camera apps like Google Camera, Open Camera or A Better Camera with no luck. I saw in the first post that I can use the 3rd party camera apps.
- SD card does not show up in Windows Explorer when I plug the phone into my PC via USB cable. Internal Memory does show up.
What should I do? Thank you.
gugu0das said…
1. camera is work on jactivelteskt.
I don't have ks01lte. Wait some days.
2.thanks to bug report.
Yume said…
I discover another bug: when I make or receive a call, the line connect but I hear nothing. I can send and receive sms just fine.
Thanks for your hard work. This rom is the smoothest Touchwiz-based rom for the S4 LTE-A. I'm looking forward to the complete rom. :'D

btw, I also report the bugs in your thread in xda forum:
gugu0das said…
Phone setting / noise reduction off.
Then, Voice is working.
Unknown said…
4월12일 어떤버그가 고쳐졌나요?
gugu0das said…
맛클이나 디벨로이드에 자세한 설명문이 있습니다. 전화 버그 해결방법도 있으니 읽고 와주세요.
Unknown said…
구구다스님 항상 잘쓰고 있습니다.
오늘 새벽에 16일자 롬과 12일자 커널로 갤포아 올렸습니다만
카메라,nfc,HD voice 빼고 다 잘되나 싶었는데
통화오류가 계속 있네요. 통화 될때도 있고,
com.android.phone 프로세스가 종료 되었다고 가끔 뜹니다.
수고가 많으십니다ㅠㅠ
Unknown said…
gpu오버클럭을살짝해서 만들어주실수있나요.?...
너무 그런부탁인가요...그렇다면 죄송합니다.
noizer said…
혹시 KT버전 롬도 만들어주실 의향이 있을까요?
Yume said…
This rom works GREAT on my E330L. 3rd-party camera apps is working now. Thank you very much. :D
Windows still can't see the SD card. If that's fixed as well then this rom will be perfect. :D
Unknown said…
유튜브도 동영상재생에 렉이걸려서 신경쓰이고..
gugu0das said…
마음에 안드시면 다른 롬쓰세요.
Unknown said…
롬오류가아니라 유튜브 문제였네요
Unknown said…
Hi gugu0das,
i'm CastagnaIT a old xda developer, i saw your excellent work although at the moment i don't have the oppurtunity to try your rom.
I think to try it within this month, but i would also need the possibility to download the kernel sources, example with fork Github reposity, you can supply?

Thanks and good work!
gugu0das said…
okay, I upload marshmallow basic source. but if you need fix bugs, it is good to ask darker13.
wait some days~.
Unknown said…
ks01ltelgt 사용자입니다.
그러니까 shv-e330l로 sktelecom 통신사가 아닌 lg u+를 사용하고 있습니다.
만드신 롬은 설치는 아주 잘 되더라고요, 하지만 통신사가 달라서 전화나 메시지는 안된답니다. 혹시 shv-e330l 마시멜로 롬은 제작해주실 생각이 없으신가요?
Unknown said…
Hi Gugu0das in the next release of your port "Galaxy S5 Marshmallow For Galaxy S4" please add "wlan.wfd.hdcp=disable" in the Build.prop to fix Screen Mirroring.
Thank you
Anonymous said…
그냥 롬만 설치하면 되는건가요? 커널도 같이 설치해야 한다면 설치법좀 알려주세요...
gugu0das said…
롬안에 내장되있습니다.
Unknown said…
Hello, in your latest version, does the sensors work or fail after few hours of use?
Does the camera work?
Unknown said…
I mean the stock Samsung camera app, does it work?
gugu0das said…
No. Samsungcamera is need to s5 new camera driver. I will ported it.
Unknown said…
Hi gugu0das,
i'm testing your rom for days it's good,
i thought to port the original s5 (G900F) kernel for the ks01lte.

Now everythink works, but there is a problem with read eeprom camera by kernel
or rom, i use the new camera_v2 drivers (kernel side) adapted for ks01 camera sensors,
i do not know if you've replaced some ".so" files in the rom that interferes,
when i have time i will continue to check..

if you want to see my source code:

BRANCH NAME: android-6.0-tw_G900

bye CastagnaIT
gugu0das said…
thanks for helping me :)
Unknown said…
Trying to install newest zip with TWRP (from external SD-card and internal memory): "Zip file is corrupt!"
gugu0das said…
please redownload.
Unknown said…
hi gugu0das i tried to port CYV-G900FXXU1CPF3 european version rom of S5 MM
all is working but i have a strange problem with the camera.
The colours appears wrong, example the yellow is blue and so on...

i tried everything (midnie, changed .so lib/vendor) but nothing changed,
do you have some advice?
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Good rom but 2 questions:

1. After start the Device the Display sometimes goes like purple or green colour completely. After the skt animation.. looks like broken Display but it isnt. Just in that rom.
Some restarts solve the Problem. No colour Problem in twrp.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

2. How can i root that rom?

Unknown said…
I just wanted to tell you that the SM-A500FU have the same front and back camera chipset
of i9506, i dont know if it is possible use his marshmallow camera drivers instead our oldest
Unknown said…
Thanks for the rom.

Found 1 bug in my case:

After any app installation i get "settings stopped" error.
Already cleaned cache at settings and google play store
Well, Sensors sometimes dont work but i think its already a part of it, not a Bug.

How can i change the Bootanimation? Didnt get it yet.

Unknown said…
i found one problem with bluetooth,
if streaming music audio it's ok works, but if someone call me audio and microphone doesn't work..

someone else has the same problem?
Unknown said…
Hi gugu0das,
to fix bluetooth calls you need keep the Bluetooth_cal.acdb of S5 rom instead of S4.
already tested works.

you can tell me the exacts files needed to port the ril?
Unknown said…
Will there be a update for this rom?
Unknown said…
@Stefano Gottardo do you now how to make NFC appear on settings menu or toggles? i have a fix maybe but i can't test because there is no nfc on menu or toggles
Unknown said…
@Abdelghani Maestro
is not possible in this gugu rom becouse he has deleted all files of the nfc
Heroria said…
This comment has been removed by the author.