[6.0.1] [AROMA] [PORT] [jactivelteskt/ks01lte] DarkLord Note5 NewUX For Galaxy S4 Active / LTE-A 2016.08.04

DarkLord Note5 NewUX (Beta) For Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelteskt) / LTE-A (ks01lteskt, ks01ltektt, ks01lte / SHV-E330S, SHV-E330K, GT-I9506)

# Info & Notice #
Responsibility after installing this ROM is not my responsibility.
I don't want unauthorized distribution.
If you write post other site, You must using the Blog Post Link.

# System Info #
Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
DarkLord Galaxy Note5 NewUX (Beta) Porting ROM

# Support Device #
Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelteskt / SHV-E470S)
Galaxy S4 LTE-A (ks01lteskt, ks01ltektt, ks01lte / SHV-E330S, SHV-E330K, GT-I9506)

# ChangeLog #
First Release

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A Korea / Active
Change build.prop (my mistake.)

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Update Kernel
Update N920SKSU2ZPFB
Update Sensor
Update F2FS
Fix Vibration bug

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Update Kernel
Update KOR CSC
Fix Brightness bug
Change Sensor file
-Galaxy S4 Active
Fix Speaker Phone

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Update gugu0das Kernel
Change Kernel Setting
Fix SmartManager FC
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A
*Only GT-I9506 / I'm using in I9506XXUDOA6 Firmware
Fix No Voice in call
Change Sensor File

-Kernel Changelog

# Not Working #
*This ROM is optimized for gugu0das Kernel. 
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Always on Display

# How to Install? #
-Galaxy S4 Active / Galaxy S4 LTE-A
1. Download ROM
2. Reboot Recovery
3. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
5. Install ROM
*If you want using F2FS,  reboot recovery and change data/cache partition
6. Reboot
7. Wait 20~25 Minutes (Booting)
-Recommend Option
8. Wait 5~10 Minutes (For Throttling Disable)

# ScreenShot #

DarkLord Note5 New UX

# Download Links #
-Galaxy S4 Active / LTE-A ROM
KIMCLOUD / GoogleDrive

# Credit #
gugu0das (ROM  Developers)
darkera13 (DarkLord Original ROM / Original Thread)
kyasu (Galaxy S4 LTE-A Kernel Source Reference)
cion5649 (KOR CSC)



Unknown said…

thank you for your work. I have 9506 europe and there is a problem with the brightness level, Even when i set it max it´s very dark.

Any help?
Unknown said…
Also mobile data is not working
gugu0das said…
Please check apn.
Yume said…
Can you make the new kernel a flashable zip so that we can use it with S5 MM port? Thank you. :D
gugu0das said…
I will update S5 MM, kernel. wait some days.
Unknown said…
When i dirty flash this UX port over s7 port, brightness is dim even at highest setting.
Second bug is flashlight turns on from quick settings but doesn't turn off without turning the mobile phone off. Will these bugs disappear if i make a clean install??
Unknown said…
How to fix that brightness is too low, even at max?

Unknown said…
can i ask 1 thing bro gugu0das? do we have a custom rom or a stock deodexed rom here to be compatible on xposed installer/framework?

my model is shv-e470s thank you so much.
gugu0das said…
using this file. (marshmallow touchwiz only)
Unknown said…
what rom's does that xposed works? is it compatible with all marsmallow rom you build?
Unknown said…
and also bro, does that xposed works with DarkLord S7E For Galaxy S4 LTE-A/Active rom?
thank you so much. keep up the good work.
gugu0das said…
yes. working s7e and n5 rom.
go to link and download arm version (not arm64).
multired25ve said…
friends to load the rom mega .thanks
Unknown said…
front camera video always say Camera Failed..any fix?
Anonymous said…
no voice in call. i9506... plz fix
gugu0das said…
are you choose e330 in aroma installer?
gugu0das said…
to Luii Collado
1.camera menu
2.change Video size (front)/HD 1280x720
Unknown said…
Fix battery charging. When turn off phone is freeze and change to slow then before. Batter capacity wrong. Before install 2600mah and after 3200mah. Sorry for bad english.
Anonymous said…
gugu0das bro, i choose i9506 in aroma. but having no voice in call.
gugu0das said…
ok. thanks to bugreport.
Anonymous said…
ur welcome :-)
Anonymous said…
@gugu0das. when will be the bug fixed in i9506?? .
gugu0das said…
Fix in 2 days.
Anonymous said…
waiting for a fix . maybe the next build will be ready in 24 hours. hope so :-)
Unknown said…
Flashlight is not.stable..on....off cańt do..ever on..flashlight..we can do it edge plants use again switch off.or restart again..
So..any things.is ok..stable rom...good...thanks..gagu0das...my ph model.shv-e330s.
gugu0das said…
thanks to bug report.
Anonymous said…
Bugs in i9506
private mode on. but when going to off it, rom reboot and then private mode failed always.
flashlight toggle problem.on but no off
messesage app minor bug. ( when click on edit, no option to delete conversation)
Unknown said…
is there a way to remap the keys?
I would like to have a Double Tap on Menu Button, would like to have the menu instead of recent apps? and something else.
Unknown said…
thank for your rom. but have problem that do not turn off when flash light on. can you fix it.
Unknown said…
Hi gugodas why I can't connect to networks it said like no service but I have a good service.what could I do
Unknown said…
Why no signal bar for 4G network but if i use GSM or WCDMA only it has signal bars..any fix or tweaks? Thanks :)