[6.0.1] [AROMA] [PORT] [jactivelteskt/ks01lte] DarkLord Note7 For Galaxy S4 Active / LTE-A 2016.08.04

DarkLord Note7 For Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelteskt) / LTE-A (ks01lteskt, ks01ltektt, ks01lte / SHV-E330S, SHV-E330K, GT-I9506)

# Notice #
Responsibility after installing this ROM is not my responsibility.
I don't want unauthorized distribution.
If you write post other site, You must using the Blog Post Link.

# System Info #
Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
DarkLord Galaxy Note7 Porting ROM

# Support Device #
Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelteskt / SHV-E470S)
Galaxy S4 LTE-A (ks01lteskt, ks01ltektt, ks01lte / SHV-E330S, SHV-E330K, GT-I9506)

# ChangeLog #
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
First Release
New gugu0das kernel (3.4.112)
*gugu0das kernel is beta release. Official version will open in new post.
*This Kernel can't use to S5/S7E/N5. after I will support other ROM.

-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Update gugu0das Kernel
Change Kernel Setting
Fix Torch bug in Toggle
Fix System Delay
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A
*Only GT-I9506 / I'm using in I9506XXUDOA6 Firmware
Fix No Voice in call
Change Sensor File

-Kernel Changelog

# Not Working #
*ROM is not stable. If you want stable, you recommend using Darklord S7E.
*This ROM is optimized for gugu0das Kernel. 
-Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Active
Nfc, Hotspot

# How to Install? #
-Galaxy S4 Active / Galaxy S4 LTE-A
1. Download ROM
2. Reboot Recovery
3. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
5. Install ROM
*If you want using F2FS,  reboot recovery and change data/cache partition
6. Reboot
7. Wait 20~25 Minutes (Booting)
-Recommend Option
8. Wait 5~10 Minutes (For Throttling Disable)

# ScreenShot #

DarkLord Note7

# Download Links #
-Galaxy S4 Active / LTE-A ROM

# Credit #
gugu0das (ROM  Developers)
darkera13 (DarkLord Original ROM / Original Thread)
kyasu (Galaxy S4 LTE-A Kernel Source Reference)



Unknown said…
in a first configuration error pops up, "the application settings has been closed"
gugu0das said…
please factory reset.
It is working well.
Unknown said…
No work torch, work but no off
Unknown said…
The problem is torch light if on but no off. What kernel install in s4 9506? Link please.
gugu0das said…
Sorry. My mistake. (I'm read touch..)
torch light is not off in toggle.
Unknown said…
I found that if i rename "imservice.apk" in system/priv-app/imservice to "imservice.apk.bak" and reboot, my phone is not heating any more and lag disapear.
Unknown said…
Please Links..Show Me..We Canńt Links..20160804
Unknown said…
your ROMs are pure pleasure to use. i have become addicted to installing your ROMs every day.
Demon666 said…
Tom have potential but:
Sometimes random reboots :( non other bugs found. Gt i9506
Anonymous said…
@Gugu0das bro,
i notice these bugs in GT-I9506
random reboot
battery drain (not a big issue)
Phone app FC . while making call
lagging on lock screen
Till now i find out these bugs. because of random reboots, i cannot check it as a whole.
Unknown said…
I'm using the rom like a day and I noticed some bugs.

1. the screenshot function stopped working completely (i wiped the cache now to hope that i can make screenshots again)

2. the sound is -3% lower than in the stock rom

3. the always on clock starts flickering and the cpu has trouble to keep it on

besides that it is really nice
battery drain is not bad, it's ok (3h 40min display on time with youtube)
no problems with mobile network or wlan
and the basic stuff works perfectly

i'm looking forward for an update!

xarhs said…
hello. Thanks for your great Work btw. Please let me know is Greek languages supported? Thanks again :)
David r n said…
hello, will implement voltage control in your kernel?
It would be great to control voltages, low temperatures and may reduce battery consumption.
Thanks for your great Work.
Anonymous said…
Hey Bro gugu0das .
can you tell us that when will be the next update come?? :-( waiting for your response Bro!!
Unknown said…
Hi, found some fix for the problem flashlight?
Unknown said…
On recent apps the tabs are all magnified. Pls fix
Anonymous said…
모바일 데이터 연결이 안되는데 어떻게 하죠... (제일 최신버전 설치 및 shv-e470s)
Unknown said…
Just flashed this rom and using about 1 hour it was stable and smooth on my e470s but mobile data not working no lte 3g or edge any solution?
Unknown said…
Hello, there will be updates notes to room 7?
Unknown said…
Good Job Brother,,, its good for me..
Unknown said…
i cant u my mobile network
Unknown said…
My phone is restarting always..how to fix it..
Unknown said…
My phone is restarting always..how to fix it..
Thisara said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thisara said…
Cant turn on mobile data and hotspot..how to fix it...help plz..(shv e330s)