[Marshmallow/Nougat] [MSM8974] LeeG Kernel 2.8/2.4./2.2 Version-1.1 For Samsung MSM8974 2019.04.08

LeeG Kernel for Samsung Marshmallow Firmware.
gugu0das kernel was reborn!
gugu0das kernel changed name to LeeG kernel.

- Notice
Responsibility after installing this Kernel is not my responsibility.
I don't want unauthorized distribution.
If you write post other site , You must using the Blog Post Link.

- Kernel Info

1. Detail Kernel Info

2. Currently Availavle CPU Governors

3. Currently Availavle I/O Schedulers

4. Default Setting
CPU Clock : 2.2GHz / 2.4GHz /  2.8GHz
GPU Clock : 550MHz
CPU Governor : leegactive
GPU Governor : msm-adreno-tz + Simple GPU Algorithm
I/O Scheduler   : bfq
HotPlug : LazyPlug

- Support Device
1. LeeG Kernel
Galaxy Note 3 (N9005 / N900S / N900K)
Galaxy Round (G910S)
Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506 / E330S / E330K)
Galaxy S4 Active (E470S)

2. gugu0das Kernel Release Version
Galaxy S5 (G900F / G900S / G900K)
Galaxy Note 3 (N9005 / N900S / N900K)
Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506 / E330S / E330K)
Galaxy S4 Active (E470S)

3. gugu0das Kernel Stock Version

Galaxy Note 3 (N9005 / N900S / N900K)
Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506 / E330S / E330K)
Galaxy S4 Active (E470S)

- How to Install?

1. Download the Kernel that matches the ROM you want to install.
2. Reboot Recovery.
3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache.
4. Install Kernel.
5. Rebooting Device.
(Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache is not matter if you pass.)

gugu0das Kernel for Cyanogenmod / LineageOS is must use gugu0das's Cyanogenmod / LineageOS Build.
Other ROMs are not compatible.

If you can not boot in 2.8GHz Version, You must install 2.2GHz or 2.4GHz Version.
In OverClock Version, if your phone is unstable, try to increase current.
* Using Kernel Adiutor Mod App after root.

- ChangeLog
1. LeeG Kernel
Compiled with Linaro 8.3 GCC
Fix Boot Error in Some ROM.
* DarkLord Series, Galaxy S5 Port ROM.
Fix Proximity Seneor on Galaxy Note 3.
* Missing while fixing proximity sensor error on Galaxy Round device.
* I don't have a Galaxy Note 3 so need a test.
* It was removed due to poor performance in Samsung ROM.
Add Touch Boost Configuration Driver.

Reworked all sources.
Remove Unusual Sources.

New Governor, Scheduler, Add Driver.
Base source updates, all driver updates, kernel setting value tuning.

2. gugu0das Kernel Release Version
First Release.
(It is the same as written in the kernel information.)

2017.01.24 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program
Fix Laggy.
Fix MTP in Cyanogenmod 13.0
Reset Kernel Values Setting.

2017.02.02 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program
Fix Adreno Idler Working Issue.
Fix MTP in Cyanogenmod / LineageOS 14.1
Update Adreno Idler 1.1
Update Arteractive Governor 2.0
Update Ramdisk in Cyanogenmod / LineageOS 14.1
Support to MSM Limiter Driver.

2017.02.06 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program
Optimized Kernel Source.
* For details, Refer to the github Kernel commits.
Disable Swap Option
* Only N900S / N900K devices.

2017.02.12 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program
Optimized Kernel Source.
* For details, Refer to the github Kernel commits.
Merge G900FXXS1CPK1
Update Posersuspend Driver 1.7.1
Change XZ Kernel Compression.
Support to USB Fast Charge Driver.
Support to Dynamic Sync Control.
Support to KCAL Screen Color Control Driver.
Support to LCD Notifier.
Support to Vibration Control.
Support to I9506 / G900S / G900K / G900F Devices.
* G900S / G900K / G900F Devices are not tested.
Enable LZ4 Options.
Enable ZRAM.
Add Dynamic Readahead.
Fix File transfer Error more than 1Gbyte.
* Only Fixed N900S / N900K / N9005 Devices, Other Devices are working well.
Fix Application Refresh.
* Only Fixed N900S / N900K / N9005 Devices, Other Devices are working well.

Official Release-1
* The Previous Beta Program Changelog was reflected.
Optimized Kernel Source.
* For details, Refer to the github Kernel commits.
Update Simple GPU Algorithm.
Enable Thermal Monitor.
Enable KSM.
Fix Vibration Feedback.
Fix Cyanogenmod / LineageOS 14.1 Boot issue.
* There was a boot problem when the CPU temperature was above 45 degrees.
Fix DMB.
* Only Fixed E330S / E330K Devices.
Add intelliminmax CPU Governor.

Support to MIUI8.

2017.03.08 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program
Optimized Kernel Source.
* For details, Refer to the github Kernel commits.
Reflect changes in Release-1.
Changed codename.
* ex) ks01lteskt is changed to ks01ltekor.
Fix LED Alert.

2017.03.18 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program
Optimized Kernel Source.
* For details, Refer to the github Kernel commits.
Fix Backlight Delay.
Improve Gaming Performance.

2017.03.24 - gugu0das Kernel Beta Program
Optimized Kernel Source.
* For details, Refer to the github Kernel commits.
Revert I9506XXUDOJ2 Drivers.
* Sensor and Char drivers reverted.
Backport Random driver from Linux 3.16+
Increase Maximum charge current to 1800mAh.

Official Release-2
* The Previous Beta Program Changelog was reflected.
Optimized Kernel Source.
* For details, Refer to the github Kernel commits.
Revert I9506XXUDOJ2 Drivers.
* GUD and GPU drivers reverted.

Official Release-2.1
* Only Release for kltekor, klteeur.
Fix Network on kltekor, klteeur.
Improve init.d permission setting to updater-script.

Official Release-3
* Release for hlteeur, hltekor, jactivelteskt ,ks01lteeur ,ks01ltekor Marshmallow Version.
* gugu0das Kernel Release-3 For Cyanogenmod 13.0 (Lineage OS 13.0) should only be used with LineageOS 13.0 2017.05.16 Version Over.
Merge G900FXXS1CQB5
Compiled with Linaro 6.3.1
Enable SEC Net Filter Driver.
Enable Gerneric Strncpy, Strnlen.
Enable WQ Power Efficient Default.
Enable Kernel Mode NEON.
Enable UTS,IPC,USER,PID,NET Namespace.
Enalbe SWAP Option.
Enable UKSM.
Disable Timer Stats.
Disable Sysvipc.
Disable TZ_ICCC.
Disable L1/L2 Cache Error Kernel Panic.
Disable Mpdecision.
Add Snappy Compress.
Add Bricked Hotplug.
Fix GrayScale Mode.
Revert to I9506XXUDOJ2 Net Driver.
Revert to G900FXXS1CQB5 GPU Drivers.
Improve Security, Memory, File System.
Modulate MSM_Limiter.
Set Default Kernel Value.
* Some Kernel Setting Value From @lss1977
Optimized Kernel Source.
* Approximately 700 commits since Release-2.

Official Release-3.1
* Release for klteeur, kltekor, hlteeur, hltekor, jactivelteskt ,ks01lteeur ,ks01ltekor Marshmallow Version.
* gugu0das Kernel Release-3 For Cyanogenmod 13.0 (Lineage OS 13.0) should only be used with LineageOS 13.0 2017.05.16 Version Over.
Revert Some Commit to G900FXXS1CQB5
* I returned the commit I thought was unless. (Net, Kernel, File System)
Update CPUFreq Driver.
* Update conservative, performace, powersave Governor
Update Kernel Default Value Settings.
* Set Default Governor to arteractive.
* Set LMK Value.
* Increase Swappiness Value.
Fix Private Mode.

Official Release-4
Optimize Kernel.
* It has been optimized in many aspects such as Memory, Network, File System, Security, Sound.
* For details, Refer to the github Kernel commits.
* Approximately 200 commits since Release-3.1
Sync with Galaxy S6 LMK form arter97.
BackPort ZCache From 3.18 Kernel.
Add LazyPlug Hotplug Driver.
Add ZZMoove Governor.
Add Alucard Governor.
Add Yankactive Governor.
Update Intelliactive Governor.
Update Qseecom Driver.
Update G900FXXS1CQB5 Camera Driver.
* Only klteeur, kltekor Devices.
Update Kernel Default Value Settings.
* Remove Custom LMK Settings.
* Setting a bluish color with KCAL.
Enable Unaligned Access.
* Improve Samsung firmware Issue.
Improve CPUIdle Driver.
Revert Some Commit to G900FXXS1CQB5
* Staging, Qseecom Driver.
Re-Apply Increase Max Charge Current to 1800mAh.
* Only klteeur, kltekor Devices.

Official Release-5 / Release-5-OC
Compiled with Linaro 7.1.1
Fix Call Delay.
Fix Game Frame Drop after Multitasking.
Fix Sleep of Death after Enable LazyPlug
Fix USB Fast Charge.
* Only Fixed Galaxy S5 Devices.
Update LazyPlug
OverClock CPU Freq to 2.88Ghz
* Release-5-OC
OverClock GPU Freq to 578mHz
* Release-5-OC
Increase Max Krait Voltage to 1.25V
* Release-5-OC
Increase Max MSM_Limiter Freq to 2.72Ghz
* Release-5-OC
Support RAM Console Driver.
Optimize of all aspects.
Update Default Kenel Value.
* Default Enable Adpative LMK.
* Default Enable Dynamic Fsync.
* Default Enable Gentle Fair Sleepers.
* Default Enable LazyPlug With Custom Setting Value.
* Default Enable External Random.
* Default Disable MSM Mpdecision.
* Update Adreno Idler Setting Value.
* Set Input Boost Freq (Only Release-5-OC has been applied to 2.7Ghz)

Official Release-5.1 / Release-5.1-OC
* Release for klteeur, kltekor.
Fix Game Frame Drop after Multitasking on Galaxy S5.
Update GPU Clock Step.
* Release-5.1-OC
* Set Minimum GPU Clock to 100mHz.

3. gugu0das Kernel Stock Version
Official Stock-1
* First Release.

- Download
1. LeeG Kernel (New)
* Ex) LeeG_Kernel-M.2.8-hlteeur-1.1.zip
* Kernel Name-Marshmallow 2.8GHz Max CPU Clock-Device Codename-Version.zip
Google Drive

2. gugu0das Kernel Stock and Release (Old)

3. gugu0das Kernel Beta Program (Old)

- Open Source

- Contributors
Check Here! Thanks!

- Donation
Donation For Developers!


Anonymous said…
Really good work.thank you very much.
Unknown said…
Look forward the links!
Unknown said…
Look forward the links!
Unknown said…
Setting has stopped
How to fix it
Unknown said…
N9005 + Magma NX UL + gugu0das_kernel-NX_TW-M-hlteeur-20170108.zip

I have bootloop
gugu0das said…
N9005 Link Changed.
Thanks to report. :)
Unknown said…
Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506 / E330S / E330K)
gugu0das_kernel-NX_TW-M-ks01lteskt-20170108.zip - bootloop
gugu0das said…
@Wojciech Żelazo
E330S is working.
Please tell me which ROM and model you are using.
Unknown said…
Sorry, my fault, everything works. Thank you.
Supreme010 said…
Good kernel,thanks master.
Please add support Galaxy S5 SM-G901F
Unknown said…
wifi keeps turning on and off every 2 min model is my model is shv-e330k how to fix ?
Unknown said…
N9005 + Magma NX UN3 + gugu0das_kernel-NX_TW-M-hlteeur, work excelent .
Unknown said…
I9506 on MagmaNX UN3 rom lagy.I'm back on older kernel and now everithing is fine.THX
Unknown said…
After flash kernel beta on I9506 lagy solved.
Some time rom MagmaNX stuck and unstuck.Every function that i use working.thank you
Unknown said…
Is it possible to use this kernel with DarkLord S7 Edge ROM for GT-i9506?
I tried gugu0das_kernel-NX_TW-M-ks01lteskt-20170108.zip and phone is stucked on the samsung boot logo.
Unknown said…
what is the exact kernel for aryaMOd here ? is it guguOdas kernel NX TW M ks01lteskt ? my phone is s4 LTE A I9506 E330s
gugu0das said…
@Joshua Yee
this kernel is fully compatible with the touchwiz marshmallow rom.
i9506 is download ks01lteeur file. (beta program)
David r n said…
Very good, with voltage control greatly helped in the temperature reduction, also hear battery saving, more than 5:30 screen. Thank you for the great work.
Unknown said…
The sensor issue is back on aryamod s7
Eric said…
Is it possible to enable CIFS?
Abe Nak4 said…
i'm triying to install Official Release-1 for i9506 and have an error.. doesn't work.. ive tryied on lineageOS and AyraMod.. nothing works.. I had to install kernel from 09.09.2016 to use the lineageOS or ayramod..
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
This is worked on SHV-E330L model?
blacktox said…
kernel v2 for g900F lost baseband and signal data
please fix
Unknown said…
I can't change the haptic intensity in aryamod s7
gugu0das said…
Thanks to bug report.
I will get G900S device soon, fix it after arrival.

@Bam Bou
Haptic change is not work in stock setting app.
because I added 100 level of vibration control, you must using kernel adiutor.
gugu0das said…
@Alvin Lim
I don't have plan to support lollipop yet.

@Graphic Wallet
E330L model will probably boot.
but some function is not working.
Anonymous said…
I flash release 1 and 2 for my N900S and it doesn't boot , it freeze at Galaxy Note 3 logo and set warranty bit : kernel . Blue Led don't light and it stays at there forever.
gugu0das said…
I finished boot check.
Please tell me the name of the kernel file and using rom.
Unknown said…
Where is it kernel for n9005 hlteeur tw m 2.1
gugu0das said…
@Th Yu
release 2.1 is klteeur/kltekor only.
gugu0das said…
@Christian Krohmer
I thought I wrote it down. that's my fault.
As you say, the kernel is dedicated to my build.
In addition, My ROM also needs updating. Because the sensors have been updated.
blacktox said…
gugu0das said…
I'm tested on G900S stock firmware.
Can you tell me which ROM you are using?
Anonymous said…
I have tested and i found that your kernel have problem on f2fs compatible so i can't boot. I have said that i had frezze at Samsung galaxy note 3 logo and stay at that forever before.
I am using Magma NX rom UX3 , my devive N900S and i download and flash gugu0das TW MM korea release 2 kernel. I use F2FS partition for ( /data , /cache , /system ) . Please check
blacktox said…
@gugu0das tested on note 7 rom port
i have tested release 1 and it work good
but release 2 and 2.1 LOST data network
Unknown said…
Sir Gugu0das im using rr nougat right now then i tried to flash the lineage kernel it boots but i face unknown imei
gugu0das said…
thanks to report.
I will check it but don't have note3 device. so fixing may take longer than you think.

Okay, I will install note7 rom (nemesis or other rom) and check it.

@Daryll Malones
Are you install from kyasu's build rom? kyasu's build is not match my kernel.
uhmm.. I will try to work in kyasu's build.
mlt said…
Thank you very much for making this kernel!!
Do you know if it will work on a Samsung N900T,or would it maybe be easy to
also have one for that phone? Thanks!
Unknown said…
after flashing gugu0das kernel 2.1, i have frezzing during work and my phone reboot n9005
gugu0das said…
I don't have N900T device and don't have support plan yet.

@Mohamed Zahran
Release 2.1 is support only Galaxy S5 (kltekor / klteeur)..
gugu0das said…
My device (kltekor) is working network on Nemesis.
Maybe it was my mistake that the wrong zImage put in kernel, you are device is getting the baseband?

my device screenshot link
Anonymous said…
kernel is not seandroid enfornig
set warranty bit kernel
it appears on boot.what it means?
Anonymous said…
I'm using the latest version for note 3 9005 but I'm facing some freezing with some apps. I was using darklord kernel before and I didn't get this issue. I don't understand why all the kernels I've used so far despite begin developed more than darklord still have flaws. I hope you can fix.
blacktox said…
@gugu0das lost baseband
blacktox said…
@gugu0das full wiped rom nd reflashed kernel
[url=https://imgbb.com/]image resize service[/url]
David r n said…
Cm13 kernel release2 camera crash
Unknown said…
Will it support the galaxy J ?

I really want to update my device .

But there are not new kernel support it.

Now I use the "DarkLord-Kernel-Marshmallow-NewUX-js01lte-dcm-V2.0.zip ".

I really want to use your kernel...
Anonymous said…
hi, link for gugu0das_kernel-MIUI8-M-ks01lteeur-Release-2.zip is wrong - it provides to TW version

Happy Easter :)
Anonymous said…
My s4 i9506 stucked at samsung logo.anyone please help me.
gugu0das said…
Galaxy Note3 Release-3 Kernel is ReUploaded. (KST 20:56)
gugu0das said…
Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Galaxy S4 Active Cyanogenmod 13.0 and Linage OS 13.0 Kernel is ReUploaded (05.17 KST 03:37)
BOOT Fixed.
tomasz1986 said…
커널 직접 컴파일해서 쓰려고 하는데 삼성 로고에서 벽돌이 돼서 부팅이 안 되네요.

download_toolchain.sh으로 둘체인 다운받아서 build_kernel-jactivelteskt.sh으로 커널을 빌드하는데 혹시 따로 설정할 게 있는지 궁금합니다.

참고로 gugu0das님이 올려주신 커널 파일은 정상적으로 작동됩니다.
gugu0das said…
커널 빌드 환경에 따라 부팅이 안될 때도 있더군요.

빌드된 zImage를 제가 올린 boot.img만 분해해서 교체후 쓰시는 것을 권합니다.

tomasz1986 said…
벽돌 원인을 찾았습니다.

커널 램디스크 소스가 업데이트 안 되어 있는 것 같네요.

지금 깃허브에 올려져 있는 건 '2016. 12. 26. (월) 16:27:59 KST' 버전인데 따로 올려주신 커널 램디스크는 '2017. 05. 17. (수) 01:23:00 KST' 버전입니다. gugu0das/Cyanogenmod_13.0/ramdisk 폴더에 2017.05.17 버전 파일을 넣어서 build_kernel-jactivelteskt.sh로 컴파일하니까 잘 됩니다. ^^;

램디스크 빌드하는 중에 cpio 관련 문제도 생겼었는데 Backtrack: fixing fix-splash cpio initrd grew error대로 고쳤습니다.
gugu0das said…
아 리니지롬이었나요? 5월16일자로 빌드된 리니지롬은 램디스크 부분도 업데이트 되있어서 부팅이 안되었길래 재업로할때 따로 컴파일해서 올렸습니다.
깃허브에는 업로드안했었나보네요.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your great work!

Will you give us Release 3 for ks01ltekor for Nougat ( Lineage OS 14.1 ) ?

Currently only Marshmallow supported

Thanks again!
chow said…
Hello to all here. i am searching for CM13 for S5 G900K in order to flash this gugu0das Kernel , unfortunately the CM site have close. can someone help me by giving a download link? thank you in advance. sorry to trouble you.
gugu0das said…
Upload Release-3.1 for kltekor and klteeur. (KST 2017.05.26 22:16)
Unknown said…
Hi with the kernel on magma UX8.5, the rom is still laggy and freeze, i'm on I9506
gugu0das said…
@Bam Bou
In Magma-NX UX8.5 included Release-2. Update Please.
If you are using Release-3.1 Kernel, Please wait until Update Release-4 or Stock Version.
* Stock Version is I9506XXUDOJ2 kernel source based, no tweak, bug fixed kernel.
Unknown said…
I have update to 3.1 and it much better but i thinck the battery can be improve
倾尽天下 said…
good kernel , S5 900i
Can you add more hot plugs like alucard? Add fast charge?
gugu0das said…
I added lazyplug. and fast charge is my miss.
I didn't know on galaxy s5 device fast charge worked..
as soon as will fix it.

thanks to report.
倾尽天下 said…
Titanium Backup suggested that the problem could not be rooted
I checked bin / .ext / .su
I have to add a su and then connect .su and su to bin
Then Titanium Backup has root
gugu0das said…
Release-4 Reuploaded. (KST 21:00)
gugu0das said…
@Alvin Lim
I think If you do not mind the some bugs, recommend Release-4.
Stock-1 is good if you want to use it without any bugs.
倾尽天下 said…
3.1 and 4 There is a problem with root permissions
like root explorer Titanium Backup
can't root
Likesoft said…
6월 7일롬 올렸는데요...
중요하지 않다면 별것 아닐 수 있겠으나...
Safety Net 테스트하면 CTS 프로파일 미스매치가 나옵니다...

Magisk으로 테스트했을때 CTS 프로파일 미스매치가 나와서
롬 + 오픈갭스 나노 + 세이프티 넷 테스터만 설치하고 테스트해봤는데 여전히 같습니다.

별거 아니라면 별거아니지만... 가끔 safety net 쓰는것들이 있으니까요...
혹시 해결해주실수 있을지요...
Woo said…
May I know if I want to use MagMa NX - Release UX8.5 ROM on my Samsung Note 3 International Version (N9005), which Kenel stock should I download? Please advice.

I found out this mapping and please correct me if I am wrong.
N9005: hlte-eur
N900A: hlte-att
N900W8: hlte-can
N900P: hlte-spr
N900R4: hlte-usc
N900T: hlte-tmo
N900V: hlte-vzw
N900K: hlte-ktt or hlte-kor
N900L: hlte-lgt or hlte-kor
N900S: hlte-skt or hlte-kor
SC-01F: hlte-dcm
SCL22: hlte-kdi

2nd Question: if I choose hlteeur, why there are two folders? MIUI8 and Touchwiz_Marshmallow. Which one should I choose?
gugu0das said…
1. I only know codename for N9005 and N900S/K/L.
Once in the, N9005 is equal to hlteeur.

2. If you install Samsung TouchWiz Marshmallow ROM, need to download the files in Touchwiz_Marshmallow folder.
The files in MIUI8 folder is support for karkasss's MIUI8 Touchwiz Based Port ROM.
Woo said…
So if I use this ROM, MagMa NX - Release UX8.5 ROM which Kernel should I choose? Please advice thank you.
gugu0das said…
Please Install Files in Touchwiz_Marshmallow folder. (hlteeur)
Woo said…
Sorry, I am new to Flashing custom ROM. Can you please help me here:

Is the following sequence right?
1. Backup my stock ROM
2. Wipe Dalvik Catche, System, Data, Cache partition
3. Install kernel (gugu0das_kernel-TW-M-hlteeur-Stock-1.zip)
4. Install ROM, MagMa_NX_UX8_S8.5.2_XDA.zip
5. Reboot
6. DONE?

Am I right? Please advice?
gugu0das said…
yes is it true. but install kernel before install rom, you must choose the kernel pre-installation option in installing rom. (in aroma-installer)
It is no problem if you be careful of it.
Unknown said…
SM-n900k using fougut c9 rom wich kernel should i download help please
Unknown said…
Where is nougat kernel ? I cant see in the download section ! And my device is ks01lteeur
Unknown said…
Hello, I'm having a problem with the application drawer in this ROM, I'm having to use another launcher because many applications that I down do not appear in the application drawer, please give me an answer as this is annoying.

My device is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Internacional version HLTE
Anonymous said…
I have a guguodas kernel release4 and I want to know how I can deactivate the quick charging from 1800mah to 1200mah
gugu0das said…
KST 08:45
Reupload kernel after Remove 'SEANDROID ENFORCING'
Unknown said…
Hello gugu0das I constantly follow the page is the kernel created by you are a big one, I wanted to know the kernel with overclock for s5 g900f stock if there were new stuff i'm curious to try it and another thing i would like to try and magma ux 9.7 always for g900f, You can make an exception is to upload it to Youtube on YouTube and a gorgeous rom
Anonymous said…
갤럭시 s5는 언제 나오나요?ㅠㅠ
xarhs said…
Hello! I download this kernel
to install an a A5 Port S4 LTE-A rom and especially this file (vhttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B851LG851G5dM0dQb01mb00wZ1k) after installation my phone stuck on samsung s4 gt-i9506 logo and goes after some time in downloading mod. is an oc kernel suitable to my device? thanks in advance
gugu0das said…
I do not know because I have not installed that rom.
but, this link is Release-5.1.
Release-5.1 is only support Galaxy S5.
nicke85 said…
I work perfect on my E470S :)
namlol said…
how can i download kernel tw for e470s, bro ?
Unknown said…
plz can you look at the 5.1 kernel, it still causing sleep of death when i turn screen off for 1 minute,love you kernel it the only one with multtask fps drop fixed
3Mr said…
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3Mr said…
This is my first time using this kernel ( Release-5-OC ) it's very good for smooth and stable
but i have heating and There is a slow when restart my phone and showing samsung logo it writing is very slowly
my device is Note3 9005
sherlock maestro said…
Hi, I love everything about the kernel. I've been trying to put the lineage rom on my phone but it doesn't boot. Your kernel helped me do that, but it gets hooked at the lineage boot logo. For more than 30 mins... should I wait more or is something wrong?
Unknown said…
Wow, man you are awsome. You need to put your work to XDA, there is more people who can help you in developing this new kernel.
Unknown said…
Leeg kernel don't work with your Darklord s7e rom. It's bootloping on first screen (I mean there where is text "Samsung galaxy s4"). And with Gugu0das kernel release 5.0 I can't wake up phone when screen is off
Unknown said…
Major problem for LeeG kernel is bootloop on first screen when I restart my phone. I must remove battery and put it again, then phone can turn on. I tested this kernel on MagnaNX I belive this was VX1 version.
The proximity sensor does not work
worm.nimda said…
v2.8GHz on n9005 - Unfortunately proximity sensor doesn't work on Phronesis v7.0. LeeG is really great and stable but this proximity sensor problem is pain in the ass. Is it possible to fix this?
wo said…
The same problem is with v2.4GHz on n9005 (hlte) - proximity sensor doesn't work on Phronesis v7.0. Is it possible to fix this?
gugu0das said…
Thanks to report. I will check it.
worm.nimda said…
Hello @gugu0das. Thanks for your hard work. :)
n9005 (hlte) on Phronesis 7.0 is here again. I've just installed v1.1 LeeG 2.8GHz and... proximity works, but all the time is sensing something. It's like all the time something covers sensor but it's not true. It's false positive. Can you check this?
Unknown said…
Too sad. Proximity don't work and baro sensor too. v.1.1. QS N7 port.
worm.nimda said…
I've just checked and installed old gugu0das-Release-5 kernel for n9005. Proximity works as is should.
LeeG kernel has problem with prox. v1 - prox doesn't work. v1.1. - prox works all the time (sensing things that doesn't exist). :(
Gugu0das-fan said…
Hello, have you abandoned the project? I hope not! :)
Anonymous said…
Please port rom again for samsung shv e470s
Ryan O'Connor said…
Gugu0das, hello.
I just checked your kernel LeeG_Kernel-M2.8-hlteeur-1.1 on my SM-n9005 and it works fine! Thank you for this kernel! But can you fix barometer ang other sensors? It seems wrong data: current temperature is -35, barometer -250430 meters! Or please tell me how can i fix this.
Thank you!
Anonymous said…
i face a error when i try to send support mail to mystic email website. can you tell me what is the problem?